The Holy Spirit is Calling Her Image Bearers to Freedom

holy spirit mother, woman is the image of the holy spiritI’d like to take a moment to thank my readers out there. Especially those who have sent me notes of encouragement via Twitter and Instagram. Also, a big “thank you!” to those who have taken the time to post comments. Your support is so greatly appreciated!

I have noticed a change in the spiritual climate regarding the image of women and her role as co-ruler. Things are changing for the better and not just for women. Recently, I was invited out for coffee by a friend who wanted to introduce me to his (male) pastor friend. Our discussion eventually turned to the Holy Spirit and her image bearers–women. I was asked, “What does this (revelation )mean for men?” I responded with a question, “I guess the answer lies in whether you want a mother?”

Both men responded with a resounding “Yes, we want a mother!” They saw the value in having both a Father and a Mother to lead them through life.

God is doing a  “new thing” on the earth and it won’t be like the old. There are exciting days ahead.

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  • It is exciting to follow you and your teaching. I appreciate very much that you are both presenting experience with the personalities of God and that you can show in Scripture that your experiences line up with Truth. Thank you for the work that you share. I am excited to watch you as you cultivate a community of believers that know and understand God in a deeper and more intimate, relational way.

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