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I’m so happy to introduce everyone to Aminata Njeri. I met Aminata a few years back through this blog after she emailed me a lovely note asking to connect. Well, we did connect. We connected on a heart level. Over the past few years, we chatted over the phone and encouraged each other. After all, we had much in common. We are both Christian women who love Jesus AND relate to Holy Spirit as Mother. At the time, Aminata was in the early stages of writing a book on the topic of the Holy Spirit’s maternal essence. Today, I’m celebrating with Aminata as her “book baby” is birthed into the literary world. Congratulations Aminata on the release of Whispers of Wisdom!

Congratulations on bringing a new book into the world!

As someone who writes, I know how much work goes into the production of a book. I understand the depth of passion it takes to go from idea to completed manuscript and then to published book. It’s an honor to be but one of the many people who have stood alongside Aminata, encouraging her to go the distance. It’s even a greater joy to be able to celebrate the finished product with her. The finished product in Aminata’s case is a beautiful book that will both challenge you and spark within you a holy curiosity. You can meet Aminata HERE, follow her BLOG, and check out Whispers of Wisdom below…

Aminata Njeri wears many hats alongside her husband, Ken Gill. Together, they are the spiritual leaders of Kenami Ministries. Aminata’s unique spiritual gift lies in teaching, and her passion extends beyond imparting knowledge; she is dedicated to equipping others with the invaluable skill of “Studying the Word of God.”


Whispers of Wisdom—Unveiling the Hidden Truth of Ruach haKodesh as Mother Holy Spirit embarks readers on a spiritual odyssey, peeling away layers of conventional beliefs to unveil the often-neglected feminine dimension of the Holy Spirit, Ruach haKodesh. Njeri’s expert fusion of spirituality and scholarship provides an innovative perspective on the divine, granting a profound understanding of the Holy Spirit’s maternal essence.

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