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holy spirit as she translation bibleAre you looking for a Bible translation that uses the pronoun “she” in reference to the Holy Spirit? If so, look no further.

The Greek pronoun “autos” means, “she, he or it.” Most Bible translations have chosen to use “he” or “it” in reference to the Spirit of God but never “she.” Even though “she” is a valid option. For example:

The Spirit Himself [autos] bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God…. (NKJV Romans 8:16)

The Spirit itself [autos] bears witness with our spirit, that we are children of God. (DARBY Romans 8:16)

The Spirit herself [autos] bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God…. (no one has chosen to translate autos like this)

Choosing the correct pronoun to use must come from knowing the person we are addressing. When “autos” is placed in front of Jesus, we know to use “he.” When it is placed in front of God, because God is referred to as our “Father” (a multitude of times), we feel justified in using “he.” But when the participle “autos” is placed in front of the word Spirit (“pneuma” or “breath” of God) we are at a bit of a standstill because we do not get much of a hint toward the correct pronoun to use from the word “breath” or the phrase “breath of God.”

Often the word “it” seems a logical choice when referring to “breath” except this particular “holy breath of God” is alive: the Spirit makes decisions, speaks and leads both Jesus and the disciples. Because of this, “it” seems horrifically lacking. Therefore, our understanding must come from the source we are trying to address. For too long the Spirit has been called “he” even though she is the one who gives us spiritual birth. This incongruency has been addressed with The Inclusive Bible translation:

“[Jesus said] I will ask the One who sent me to give you another Paraclete, another Helper to be with you always—the Spirit of Truth, whom the world cannot accept since the world neither sees her nor recognizes her; but you can recognize the Spirit because she remains with you and will be within you. I won’t leave you orphaned [like children without a parent].” –John 15:16-18, The Inclusive Bible, additions and bold mine

The Inclusive Bible has changed the way we are expected to view the Spirit by allowing us to speak of the Spirit as our Mother. I call the Holy Spirit “She.” She is the one who gave me spiritual re-birth. For more information go to The Holy Spirit is Not a “He”.

To see the Spirit as I first saw her go to Introducing the Holy Spirit

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  • No thank you! My God has the work of the Head of the House, and He identifies Himself with masculine pronouns. Though He is not human therefore not a male as we know it or understand them to be, He is God. Jesus even called God his FATHER. That is a male type title.
    I will NOT EVER recommend The Inclusive Bible. It is telling a lie.
    I will not say any of the currently read translations or version are completely accurate, but this one is furthest from the Truth.

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