Motherheart Conference

This ground-breaking conference was held in May of 2013. I am delighted to offer the video from this conference here. A big “Thank You” to Nicholas Young for the video work!

Like many people, I enjoy exploring the Bible; I love to discover what the Bible has to teach us. However, sometimes the material we uncover opposes what our current Christian culture expects us to believe. The femininity of the Holy Spirit is in the Bible. We should be encouraged to study this topic. After all, seeking and living our lives in partnership with the Holy Spirit is our lifelong aspiration, enabling our relationship with God to flourish.

-Deidre D Havrelock


The book of Genesis tells us that both men and women are made in the image and likeness of God. Just think about it… Man + Woman = image(s) of God. Because of this, our homes, our churches, our communities become beautiful representations of God: fathers, mothers, and so many wonderful, diverse children of all ages, working together (hopefully) in the bond of love and unity. But if God is the first family, in whose image our community has been created, have you ever wondered…Where is the feminine aspect of God within the trinity? Could motherhood possibly be a legitimate part of God? And if it is, is it healthy for Christians to embrace Father God, while ignoring Mother God? Do we even need a mother?

For thousands of years Christians have viewed the Holy Spirit as “He.” He is Jesus’ literal Spirit and breath. He came forth from Jesus’ body. He gives spiritual birth to humankind. He is the Spirit of Love. He is Jesus’ equal but different helper. If using the pronoun “he” in the aforementioned sentences sounds strange to you then join us as we explore the family of God.

Is the Holy Spirit our mother? The Holy Spirit gives us spiritual birth. She came forth from the body of Jesus like Eve was brought forth from the body of Adam. She is the Helper. She is the Comforter. She is the Spirit of Love and the Spirit of Life. Are we sure Christianity does not have a spiritual mother? Are we positive that we are motherless? And if we have a mother, what are the consequences of ignoring her especially since the Bible tells us to “honor our father and our mother?” What are the consequences for women in our churches, Christian families, marriages, and communities if we choose to see and value only the male image of God?

Join our panel of speakers as they introduce the Holy Spirit as she has never before been introduced. Begin to see women in a whole new light–made in the very image of God. Start to explore the astounding biblical evidence that reveals Christ’s Spirit as more than just the “divine incognito.” I invite you to spend time seeking the family of God to new depths. It is time to unveil the mystery of God’s glorious MotherHeart.

“All love and relationship is possible for you only because it already exists within Me, within God myself.” –William Paul Young, The Shack

 Baxter Kruger, Author of The Shack Revisited: There is More Going on Here Than You Ever Dared to Dream

“Genesis 1—Holy Spirit and The Father and Son”

Baxter Kruger, Ph.D. is a Trinitarian scholar. He is the author of seven books including, The Shack Revisited: There is More Going on Here Than You Ever Dared To Dream.

Baxter reveals the nature of relationship within God…and how humankind has been created in that image. His thoughts and clarity on the nature of God will … surprise and delight you!

Paul Young, Author of The Shack and Cross Roads

“The fall of Adam and Eve”

Paul Young, author of The Shack and Cross Roads, builds upon Baxter’s biblical model of a triune, relational God, exploring how man and woman fell from a situation of “relationship” and “unity” to one of blame and dysfunction. However, Paul portrays a very different kind of garden story than the one we’ve all been told.

Paul asks some tough questions regarding the fall, such as: “Since it was Adam’s job to ‘keep’ the garden (meaning protect) why was Lucifer able to get so close to Eve in order to deceive her–did Adam join Lucifer in rebellion? And was Eve brought forth to ‘save’ Adam?”

For additional information on this topic of Adam’s fall and his alignment with death, go to:

Adam: Guard the Garden

Adam & Eve: Two Different Types of Sin

Deconstructing the Sin of Adam

Eve: The Powerful “Helper”

Deidre Havrelock, Author of The Testimony Series

“Noah, Dominion verses Domination”

When God “drives” people out of the safety zone of “the garden” and into the harsh realities of “the desert” it is to reveal the state of that person’s heart. Building upon Paul Young’s story of the fall, Deidre Havrelock takes a biblical look at the partiality of humankind’s heart and how an “impartial love” can once again unite us—revelational!

Go To: The Sin of Noah: Embracing Patriarchy

Jack Levison, Author of Fresh Air: The Holy Spirit for an Inspired Life

“The Holy Spirit is Not a He”

Jack teaches (at the time of this conference) at Seattle Pacific University. Jack is an internationally recognized scholar, whose books have received wide acclaim–because they’re wonderful! To read Jack’s bio GO HERE.

Christian leaders, speakers, and popular pastors refer to the Holy Spirit as “He.” But is the Spirit seriously a “He”? Or, could we be missing out on the most amazing revelation of our time? Jack reveals the Spirit as a “She” spirit. The mystical, practical, expansive, unbridled, presence of God who is here on earth to sustain, care, guard, guide, shield, feed, and nurse us all. We have a spiritual mother.

Why did Jesus call the Spirit a ‘he’?

Is the Holy Spirit a Dove

Introducing the Holy Spirit

Priscilla Pope-Levison, Author of Turn the Pulpit Loose and Sex, Gender & Christianity

Priscilla Pope-Levison is (at the time of this conference) the Professor of Theology at Seattle Pacific University. She has written on numerous subjects including women and evangelism.

Gender continues to keep women from certain aspects of ministry within churches. But sanctification of the saints will eventually restore us. Sanctification is a perfection of motives and desires which enables the believer to grow in love of God and neighbor.


  • Just wanted to know what the price is for copies of this conference on DVD?
    I’ve personally shared copies I made from downloads from you tube. I’ve shared them with two pastor/friends, no charge.
    I try to research anything pertaining to Baxter Kruger, and Paul Young, who I’ve met in 2008 and off and on through 2013.
    Please let me know more of your work.
    Peace and Love,

  • Deidre, just started reading your material. What a blessing. I’ve been off on a family’s business, doing Wisdom. Hearing from the Spirit that I must get my little book back in print. I am glad it inspired you. Wisdom is an entrepreneur in Proverbs 31. Joan SCHAUPP

    • Joan! What an honor it is to have you visit my site. Your book has been such a huge encouragement to me. Thank you, thank you for writing it! And yes, please get it back into print!

      • Hi! So VERY delighted to find your site! I’ve been praying for God to reveal to me concerning the Holy Spirit being wisdom of the Old Testament and the idea that “she” is used to reference the Spirit. Your site was my answered prayer! I was also delighted to see you cite the book of Wisdom and Sirach! Hallelujah! I’m not the only one reading the Apocrypha. Question concerning the woman if Revelation 12. I’m studying out your position on who she is. I too believed her to be Isreal personified. I think you could be on to a new Revelation however I’m having a hard time reconciling one issue. The woman flees to the wilderness where she’s cared for by God 1260 days (3.5yrs) My mind thinks Isreal… being left on Earth to suffer the tribulation for 3.5 years and the remnant of Isreal that God promises to preserve will be protected during this period. If the woman is the Holy Spirit….then the fleeing to the wilderness to be cared for makes no sense to me cause essentially the Holy Spirit is part of the Godhead who shouldn’t require God’s nourishment for any particular time. Help me with this. Did you go on that far in your study to describe this part of that passage and how the Holy Spirit would still apply there?

        • Hi Markita, thank you for stopping by my site and asking an interesting question. Your question is: if the woman in Rev, 12 is the Holy Spirit (and not a metaphor for Israel) then why would she need nourishment? Here is my answer in a roundabout way:

          There are at least three ways to view the Holy Spirit: as a singular person, as a “united duality,” and as a unit (or collective). In Rev. 12:1 we get to view Holy Spirit as a singular person (because the temple is opened). But normally, she dwells within Jesus, and as such, she and Jesus are a “united duality.” They are two persons living as seemingly one. Likewise, when the Spirit dwells within each of us, individually, again she is a “united duality.”

          However, when we all become connected together, as 1 Pet. 2:5 describes, “like living stones, let yourselves be built into a spiritual house.” We become a “large, living building or a living city” as described in Eph 2:19–20 -“So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are citizens with the saints and also members of the household of God, built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the cornerstone.” This is the collective Spirit.

          2 Esd 10:27 describes the transition from singular to collective very well – “the woman was no longer visible to me, but a city was being built, and a place of huge foundations showed itself.” Therefore, when we see the Holy Spirit being taken to the wilderness, she is not alone. She is there with her children (in a collective state) and the children, I believe, are being nourished and cared for. When the dragon fails to defeat her, he “went off to make war on the rest of her children.”

          I hope this helps in some way,
          all my best to you!

  • Great website and insight into the mystery of the Holy Spirit. I have spent the last 10 months roughly digging into all of this and amazingly came to the exact same conclusions, even down to the verses that prove the Holy Spirit is a she. I was quite surprised to stumble onto your site and see that someone else knew all this and also knew the correct interpretation of the woman in Rev.12. Almost no one believes it unfortunately, although to me it’s a fact that can be proven in the scripture, even without using the Apocrypha because many I’ve talked to refuse to consider it inspired which is nonsense.
    I began my search into all of this a little under a year ago. The Lord awakened me and basically said sell everything and follow me, so I did. I stopped at a rest stop one night not long after that to get some rest in my car. I reclined my seat and started to doze off when I found myself walking down some type of path. I noticed two men standing off to the side of the path. I didn’t pay much notice but kept walking, I then heard one of the men say to the other “I hurt myself, I’m always getting hurt”….I would like to say that I turned around out of care and concern but in reality I remember thinking the guy was whining too much. So I walked up to him and said “spirit of infirmity, in the name of Jesus be gone”….all of a sudden a voice of what I would describe as a young woman said “I knew you could do it” and what I thought was a man exploded in a flash of light and standing next to me was a being of pure light the color of the sun. I had to shield my eyes because I couldn’t behold Her radiance. She clasped Her hands and said “come on I’ll pray with you”….I was awe struck all I could say was “who are you?”….She replied”I’m your prayer buddy”. I just stood there speechless when the other man I had initially seen came up and She seemed to fade away into the distance. She yelled “good bye” and then called me a Hebrew name. At that point I looked around and I was in my car at the rest stop. I thought who was that? Was that an angel? Her only clue was “I’m your prayer buddy”. This led me to search the scripture first finding Her in the Wisdom of Solomon then seeing Her everywhere in the scripture. I still don’t know what it means though, why does She reveal Herself to some but most Christians don’t believe it. Well I thought I’d share that with you it was pretty wild to see that others have known the same thing.

    • The Lord is a gentleman, and the Spirit is a lady. When people stubbornly insist, she didn’t seem like the sort to fight right? But if you catch a glimpse of her and seek her out, like the disciples who followed Jesus after he was baptized, you’ll become her friend.

  • May I ask your opinion on who you believe the man-child to be that the Holy Spirit gives birth to? To me this seems to be a bigger mystery than who the woman is although no one seems to believe She is the Holy Spirit. The crown of 12 stars makes them think She is Israel because most are not familiar with Sirach 24:8.
    Most say the man-child is Jesus….but that doesn’t really fit, especially if the prophecy is future in nature. Plus The Lord didn’t get snatched up as soon as He was born He stayed on earth. And on top of that the beast make war with the rest of Her seed, Christians still on earth.
    The only thing I can think is maybe the man-child is the 144,000. One opinion I saw was that the man-child is the end times church, but then again you would have to say who are the Christians that are left on earth warring with the beast, wouldn’t they be the church too?

    • Did you know there was a red heifer? For the blood guilt of which God said “I have not yet cleansed you”. The bloodguilt of apostasy.
      If the Passover lamb wasn’t an animal, what makes people think the red heifer of Ezekiel vision of the third temple (not a building) is one (an animal)?
      So yes its the end times church. But as Jonathan Cahn would say “there’s a mystery there”.

  • Jesus is the perfect gentleman :3 I just watched how you said he sent out men two by two, but it was the Spirit who met him as soon as he came out of the water!!
    Noah’s mistake was effectively rectified right there. Then if you read the temptations:
    “Man does not live by bread alone but by every word” who gave the word? The Spirit.
    “Throw yourself down!”
    “Do not test the LORD your God” don’t all women hate to be manipulated?
    “Worship me!”
    “Depart from me!”
    I’m telling you the Spirit never felt so loved and protected (T^T )
    It works like this. Jesus is the Image of the Father, but the Spirit is the Likeness.
    What this means is that the Spirit and the Father are of the same heart.
    Do you know why blasphemy of the Spirit is the only insta-kill unforgivable sin?
    It is a sin of doing, therefore solidly within the jurisdiction of Calvary… but Jesus refused to pay for it.
    He paid for every sin except that one.
    Every sin except that One.

    • The reason he gave is that a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. If he paid for it, Christians would be able to blaspheme the Spirit and the Kingdom would be divided, the Kingdom and the Spirit are synonymous in all his teachings. The Lord is the Sun, the Spirit is the blue sky. King and Kingdom.
      The Spirit is a spirit afterall, far more closely associated with the characteristics of the unseen world than with this one you called it the Divine Duality. It’s just a characteristic of being a spirit :3 Whereas the Lord was called the Angel of the LORD in the OT.
      BTW Ezekiel is all him. X’P
      So… yes… his reason is solid.
      He gave it afterall, consummate genius that he is!!
      But uh. The way he enforced it was an unqualified death threat…
      Like the one he gave when he spoke of people who made little children stumble…
      I mean.
      Zeal is the passion to protect :’D
      People think “zeal for your temple consumed me” is talking about clearing the soul of evil.
      You could interpret it that way…
      But if we take it in context, a very old testament phrase that one, it means clearing both the temple and the land of its inhabitants.
      And when he speaks of the Land he always means the Spirit x”D

  • NOOOOOO… The Father is UNITY denoted male because the nature of female is to be united, not distinct :’D
    I can’t even.
    Imagine if people went around saying you’re married to you father!! Noooooo!!!!

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