Woman of Revelation 12 Part 2

who is the woman of revelation 12The woman in Revelation 12 is the actual image of the Holy Spirit

However, the negative and restrictive view of women that the church has embraced has clouded our vision. Therefore, just as women have had to struggle to be accepted as “real persons” with gifts to help and lead, so too has the feminine aspect of God sought to reveal Herself. At the very heart of God’s feminist movement lies a stunning revelation of God–not only as man–but also as woman

Foundational Teachings

  1. The woman in Rev. 12 is clothed with the Sun because she is clothed with Christ;
  2. the moon is under her feet because she rules the night;
  3. adorning her head is a crown of 12 stars because the Holy Spirit was first sent to the children of Israel;
  4. she is mother to Jesus and she has other children because the Spirit gives birth.