The Mary You May Have Never Met

It’s hard to imagine Mary the mother of Jesus any way other than what artists have shown us the past few centuries: mother and child (‘the Madonna’), or sorrowing mother at the foot of her son’s cross (‘pieta’). But in this video interview, Dr. Ally Kateusz shows us some of the earliest known works of art by those who remember Mary quite differently from the traditions handed down to us. Mary is frequently depicted as a liturgical leader – strong, upright, leading the male apostles, and even honored as a bishop. Take a look at these images in the video to grasp the historical and theological significance of their modern-day discovery. As Dr. Kateusz explains, it is difficult to recognize these pictures until you first imagine the possibility. She takes us on her own research journey just far enough for us to grasp what is at stake in finding these extraordinary works of art and in considering what they might be telling us today. –  Early Christian Texts

Ally Kateusz, PhD is the author of Finding Holy Spirit Mother — a book I highly recommend. I love this book which is filled with samples of the earliest Christian literature about Holy Spirit Mother as found in the Gospel of the Hebrews, Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Philip, Gospel of Bartholomew, Gospel of Truth, Acts of Thomas, Acts of Philip, the Secret Book of John, and more. Ally’s heart through her discovery is to (as the scriptures encourage us to do) honor both Father and Mother.

“Even so did my Mother, the Holy Spirit, take me by one of my hairs and carry me away on to the great mountain Tabor.”

-Gospel of the Hebrews

Holy Spirit went from being feminine in the Cradle of Christianity, to neuter in the Greek gospels, to masculine in the powerful Latin-speaking capital of the Roman Empire. -Ally Kateusz

-Ally Kateusz, Finding Holy Spirit Mother

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  • This is truly amazing. Thank you for the eye opening account. I am absolutely flabbergasted at how much of history is falsified. Not only religious history but political history and world history overall. It just proves that there is truly something evil working overtime to hide the truth and to deceive as many people as possible!

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