Women Your Time is Now

I recently read the book The Making of Biblical Womanhood (actually, I listened to an audio book) and I am sure it is of no surprise to hear that I liked it. The book is easily understandable, full of interesting and often frustratingly despairing tidbits regarding Beth’s life (as she tries to fit in at church as a Baptist pastor’s wife) plus it is both inspirational and educational. This book is well worth the read, especially if you are wondering about Paul’s words to the Corinthians and how the idea of a “quiet, submissive wife” came to be the church’s standard for women.

If you are not big on reading and would rather watch a video about the release of women on the earth (and what that will potentially look like) then I recommend this WONDERFUL, prophetic view by Emma Stark. Personally, I have been preparing (for what seems like my whole Christian life) for a full reflection of God to come to the church; finally, here we are on the cusp of it! It’s exciting, but as Emma points out we may have some healing to do before we get started. I hope you take the time to watch the video, and if you do I suggest starting at 11:30 so that you skip the chit-chat and get to the meat of the conversation. Enjoy!



I recently ordered the book Rediscovering Scripture’s Vision for Women which is mentioned in the above video. Click on the pics below for links if you are interested. Happy summer reading!

The Making of Biblical Womanhood: How the Subjugation of Women Became Gospel Truth by [Beth Allison Barr]

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Women Your Time is Now

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