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women in the church

I love this cartoon by Naked Pastor.  It reminds me of my first years in church. It especially reminds me of one weekend course I took where we were supposed to learn about our spiritual gifts. It was a “Learn Your Spiritual Gifts Workshop.” Super fun! My gift came out as faith. Actually, there were two of us in the group who had this gift. When the pastor asked us to explain how the gift works, we both said, “We hear from God and then we do what He says.” The pastor then corrected us by saying, “You mean you read the Bible and then you do what the Bible says.” Well, when neither of us faith-gifted disciples totally agreed with the pastor, we were told we should leave the church. I remember the pastor saying, “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but we don’t know what to do with your gift of faith. So we think it’s best you leave.”

Sometimes people don’t always know what to do with God when He pushes the boundaries of our box. Has God been expanding your box?

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  • How true! People want a list of rules. They don’t want to believe in anything or anyone. If they would that make appear weak perhaps. Some folks can’t seem to believe in anything they can’t see or touch.

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