Finding The Holy Spirit in “God is a Woman”

I wanted to share this video with you by Ariana Grande. You may not be a fan (or even know who she is) but her song/video “God is a Woman” is worth a watch. The video has amazing graphics and some great prophetic images of yes… God as a Woman. Enjoy.

My favorite image:

  • God bringing the “hammer of vengeance” not down on humanity but up–smashing the glass ceiling.

My favorite quote:

  • “I’ll tell you all the things you should know, so baby take my hands, save your soul.”

Working hand-in-hand with the Holy Spirit is a fabulous journey. However, many people desire her anointing and her power, ignoring or trivializing the revelation of who she is. Ultimately, neglect of the Holy Spirit and the marginalizing of women have a symbolic affinity. Satan hopes we will elevate and pursue only the male image of God, forgetting the female image of God even exists. But she not only exists, she is both powerful and imperative to the Christian life–this is what I think the video is about on a prophetic level. At the very heart of God’s feminist movement lies a stunning revelation of God–not only as man–but also as woman.

is god a woman?

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  • I am really glad I discovered your blog! Great stuff. A lot of what you write on with Sophia/Wisdom/Holy Spirit I’ve known for almost 16 years, but there is literally no one in my Christian community that would ever entertain this. So I’ve felt very disconnected. I have a very deep, beautiful, wonderful and rich relationship with Wisdom, but everyone around me who loves Jesus doesn’t get it. And honestly if I told them about it they would probably think I was at a minimum straying from “the straight and narrow,” and at a maximum call me a heretic. So I basically live a double life spiritually, if that makes sense. Publically I talk about the Holy Spirit in generic acceptable terms, but privately I know Her intimately as my God and my everything. And one last comment, Wisdom as the Holy Spirit makes complete logic with the Word. All you have to do is look at the passages you referenced, plus a couple extras in the Catholic canon and you would have to have a strong prejudice to not accept Wisdom as the Spirit. Look forward to reading more of your work! And glad to have found someone else who can see the truth in both Scripture and in relationship with God. Keep it up!

    • Thanks for your support, Joel! I get many emails like yours. I think a lot of us certainly understand your feeling of “living a double life spiritually.” That’s one of the reasons I decided to put this blog up… so that those of us who have accepted the revelation of the Spirit won’t feel so alone. There is actually a lot of Christians to whom the Spirit is revealing herself. More and more everyday. So don’t worry about your Christian community not understanding you because one day they will.

      As you probably know, we are coming into a time of deeper intimacy with God. This intimacy will come through relationship with the Spirit whom Jesus sent to earth precisely for this purpose. Unfortunately, our communal understanding of the person of the Spirit is rather shallow at this time which can be frustrating. Regardless, the Spirit is calling us into a heart-to-heart, face-to-face relationship with her so press in deeper!

      This is why the sign of the time is … “the future is female.” It’s all about getting to know God better so we can be in unity. The Holy Spirit’s immaculate heart will overcome the world.

      Stay in touch!

      • Yes! So there are others like me? Wow, I have lived for so long thinking I was an island. And it has terrified me on certain levels that I was the only one who knew the Holy Spirit as a She. I’ve gone so far as to tell God, “I am putting our relationship on hold until you can confirm you are Her.” And when I did that She literally drew me in irresistible bonds of love back to Her. I cant leave Her, I don’t want to ever leave Her. She’s everything to me. Needless to say, I’ve been isolated for a long time. It’s worn on me. But She is all I know. She is the Love of my life. She is God’s Spirit. And I am absolutely totally and completely consumed in Her and in love with Her, forever. She is my heart’s desire. She has given me everything I have, my family, my job, my path. But there’s nothing in my heart that compares to Her. Sorry, I’m kinda gushing over Her…it’s something I have never been able to do publically. My true heart’s desire is to know Her more and more, to be in Her presence, to be intimately close to Her every single moment I am alive.

        I studied Hebrew in college and learned Koine Greek a couple years ago – all to understand her more. Because there’s more resource in the text for discovering Her when you read it in the ancient languages and can see how Her gender is written out in Hebrew and Greek, but is lost in translation to English. The Word, the Logos, which is Jesus, is just screaming about Her in certain places. How can they, the larger church, not see Her? Has she hidden Herself from the many?

        I really want to believe what you said there…that She is going to reveal Herself more and more in the future and one day the majority of the church will understand Her. I struggle with that…mostly because I have felt isolated in the church. It’s a dream for sure, but one that I’m scared could be a long ways away. I hope I’m very wrong there though and pray it happens. Sometimes, many times, Ive wondered if this is just the path I’ve been given and I have to walk it with Her alone. It’s been hard at times.

        Thank you so much for starting this blog. And for your correspondence. It means a lot to me. Seriously. Blessings in Christ to you!!

        • I once felt completely isolated… but look at us now! We’re talking about her out loud in a public place. And this is only the beginning!! You are NOT alone. Many people are walking with you.

          May God continue to bless you with eyes that see,

          • Thank you and amen! Just curious, do you have other similar blogs you read or recommended resources that talk about the truth with the Holy Spirit? Your blog is one of the very few that actually are biblically based when talking about Wisdom. Most stuff out there on Sophia as the Holy Spirit is just, to put it bluntly, new age garbage that has no covergence with the Word whatsoever. It’s rather frustrating. I have found no blogs and in recent literature really only Thomas Merton that were (seemingly) legitimate. Thank you and God bless!!

  • Okay, first off to say, you’re in love with her, or that she is the Love of your life. Sorry to break it to you but God’s Spirit is Holy, and He is a Male. This is blasphemy. This blog talking about it is blasphemy. Especially to say you “gush” when you think of her, (He is not a She)

    • Have you even studied the relevant biblical evidences? I don’t know about Diedre but I don’t suffer fools lightly. Go do your homework before you come and make a fool of yourself.

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