Why Dawn Smith Left an Evangelical Cult

I came across this gem today, just thought I’d share…

“With humor and piercing observations, Dawn Smith sheds light on growing up in a religious cult and what it takes to leave everything you’ve ever known. This poignant story will make you cry and laugh as she shares her struggles with joining the outside world. Dawn grew up in California and moved to Chicago to work in media. She now lives in Brookline, MA, where she works on screenplays, political and issue advertising, standup comedy, and produces the comedy web series, PAID FOR BY. Visit Dawn’s website at www.pushbackfilms.com”

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  • “Obsessed with power.”. I agree! So full of themselves. Wolves in sheep’s clothing and a lion prowling around waiting to devour. I am glad to be strong in Jesus and in Jesus only.

  • I discovered you first, randomly on YouTube. I still consider myself a christian, but I am finding myself to be more and more sceptical of things I was taught as a new Christian from years ago, as now I am grown up a little more, and have started to see a few things… Reality has proven to be starkly different. Claims of being “pro life” while in favor of war. In favor of “traditional family values” while oppressing the rights of gay people, yet ignoring that polygamy, incest, and sex slaves were OK in the Bible… Women were only property in the bible, and genocide was often commanded by God, and the death penalty was used to enforce laws that made no sense… I guess Jesus was a liberal heretic.

    • Hi Allen. I think many of us are on a journey like you. Still in love with Jesus but questioning things. Welcome!

  • Deidre,
    I just watched a VERY interesting documentary called The Red Pill. Wondering if you’ve ever seen it? It’s excellent and really helps one think out of the box and might expand some of the gals ideas here. It’s about the Mens Rights movement. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4ulBQt8DmU

    I hope you like it and it causes you to love more.

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