The Rain of the Spirit Has Begun

I’m going to tell you a story and it’s going to be a bit weird. But hang in there with me because this is an important story regarding the new season that is now upon us. I’m going to call this new season the Hokma Season, the Wisdom Season, or even the Season of the Glory of God. Whatever you want to call it, this is a season where the Holy Spirit will be making Herself known for the purpose of restoring all things to the Church. In other words, Wisdom will be building Her house.

My Introduction to the Coming Flood of Revival

A few years back, in about 2006, I went to a Christian conference with my girlfriend and my husband. The conference was fine: lot’s of music and some great preaching. I had a good time, but by the final evening I was more than ready to go home. After all, it was now 11pm. The final worship session had gone exxxtraaa long. So I put on my parka (I live in Canada and this conference was held in winter… brrr) and I picked up the delicious books I had bought at the bookstore then I turned to my girlfriend and my husband, asking, “Can we go?” They both responded, “No!”

You see, they’re “worship people.” They just love, love, love worship music. Whereas, I’m more like, “Music is okay, I guess.”

Knowing I was beat, I decided to try to attempt to enjoy the music. I closed my eyes and thought, “Hey, this music is pretty great.” (There was a violinist playing at that moment and she was really good.) Then suddenly everything changed. I heard the violin music rise to confusing heights, like 300 violins were playing at the same time. I thought, “this is impossible.” So I opened my eyes to see what on earth was going on and instead of a woman playing a violin I saw (and please take note that I am awake and lucid at this point)… I saw a giant wave of water coming right at me. So, thinking literally, OMG I’m going to die!, I screamed out and I (quite logically) decided to peel off my heavy parka because, obviously, if I get hit with a tsunami while wearing a parka I won’t be able to swim. So there I was screaming, fighting with my parka, all while looking straight ahead in terror at the impending wall of water headed straight for me.

Well, I wish I could report that I got my coat off in time to swim, but no — the wall of water hit me and down I went to the floor. Two seconds later, my girlfriend and my husband were standing over me, asking “Ummm, what are you doing?”

Yes, this is what it is like to be prophetic. I’ve embarrassed myself in church more times than I’d like to admit. For the record, I’d like to report that at least five other people out there in the crowd of about 800 had also witnessed a tsunami and had, like me, screamed and had been pushed to the floor by its (albeit) invisible force. The worship session then wrapped up as news of the invisible tsunami slowly spread.

Even though I had already dreamed, numerous times, of a huge wave coming and drowning me this event was different. It was different because I was completely awake. I saw a giant wave of water. And I completely believed I was going to drown — I was in a completely different reality. The power of what I saw coming was simply overwhelming.

When Floods Come People Die… and Jesus Resurrects

I have kept that moment in my memory as a sort of “mystery event.” It was an event that I knew was important but really at the time I had no idea why.
Now fast forward to the year 2017. The perplexing event is far behind me (and somewhat forgotten) when I get a text from my girlfriend (the same one from the conference) saying that she had a dream about me and surprise, surprise, it doesn’t make any sense. She dreamed that I had moved to Montreal and I had a new child with me, but the weird thing was this child had a tattoo on his forehead that said, “Deidre, is wet like a _____. ” (Yes, there was literally a blank space instead of a word.)

Well, we agreed that a “new child” most likely represented a new gift of the Holy Spirit (something birthed in me that is new), but as for the weird tattoo — well, we decided to shelve that one. It simply made no sense. So I put it away until Aug. 4 2019 when after moving my youngest daughter to Montreal for school, the Holy Spirit told me in a dream, “Deidre, you are wet like a flood.”

Well, obviously!

That dream then made me being to pray about the flood and on October 4, 2019 I was told in my sleep, “You are headed for a new reality, a Hokma (or Wisdom) Reality.”

The new reality has now started. The rain of the Spirit has begun (pun intended). But if you are looking for the flood to come from the east or the west or even from heaven then I’m here to tell you that the flood will come from people. The “water” or the Spirit will be coming out from a people who have put their trust in Jesus and have made it through an extremely difficult time of grief and trial. Faith has been tested and some things have died along the way in order that what remains is a humbled heart that is for people and about God without strings attached. In other words, these people are being poured out at this time: “But even if I am being poured out as a libation over the sacrifice and the offering of your faith, I am glad and rejoice with all of you” (Php 2:17, NRSV).

For an example of what this new water looks like, I was given this, “When you see Justin Bieber preaching, it has begun.”


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  • I was praying about wisdom this morning and I really need God to give wisdom because there are things in my life that are happening but I don’t understand them so am glad about ,The rain of the Spirit…

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