Why Didn’t Adam Intercede for Eve?

why did adam eat the apple?

Yes, Eve Was Tricked into Eating The Forbidden Fruit, But Have You Ever Wondered: Why Did Adam Eat?

I was sitting around one day, thinking about Adam and Eve (yes, this is the kind of thing I do) when the question struck me, “When Eve ate the fruit from the “Tree of Good and Evil” why didn’t Adam just jump in and intercede for her?”  Surely, that would have been the “loving” thing to do. Instead, Adam ate–why?

Of course, I had been taught through various churches and through Christian books I had read, that Adam ate the fruit after Eve because she persuaded him to do so. Adam erroneously followed Eve’s coaching because of his intense love for her.  In our imaginations we see Eve in the garden; she has just eaten the fruit and now she turns to her husband with a seductive smile and says something like, “Go ahead, you should eat this fruit. Do it for me.” To which Adam can only respond with fierce affection—he must obey Eve because of his love for her, as though his thinking went… “Well, if Eve’s going down this road of death then we’re both going down it together because I love her so much.” But take note: throughout the whole scenario with the serpent and the fruit, Eve says nothing to Adam. Eve does NOT speak to Adam. Adam eats, and no persuasion is needed.

Eve is the “Helper” who Received no Help

We hear time and time again, that Adam’s motivation was love for Eve. Adam’s fall was done out of a strange kind of love for woman–a very strange kind of love. A suicide fueled by love. Soooo romantic!

But I don’t buy it. Nope. Not at all. I call B.S.

eve was framed

After all, when genuine love is involved, the first thing we do when a loved one falls into a trap set by an enemy is we rescue them; we plead for forgiveness and mercy on behalf of the one we love–we want to help them to become restored. What we don’t usually do is join them in their sin (unless we’re a little mixed up ourselves, perhaps waiting for the perfect opportunity to delve into the sin without drawing too much attention to our own sin — just sayin’).

And if we are deeply in love with someone (as Jesus is with humanity), we might even substitute ourselves with the person who committed the sin, saying “Let me take the consequence instead!” (As Jesus did for us). Interceding for humankind, that certainly is what Jesus did. He is our faithful intercessor. Jesus does not follow people into sin because he “loves” them. “Adam followed Eve into sin because of his intense love for her” sounds like a line because it is. It’s an explanation that is not sincere nor true.  Love rescues people. Love truly helps people. So when Adam didn’t step up for Eve, Jesus did. Jesus is the one who did not fail Eve. Jesus is the one working for Eve’s complete restoration.

The unfortunate truth about Adam’s fall is this (1) Eve did not convince Adam to eat the fruit. (2) Following Eve into sin provides Adam with a rather convenient scapegoat — the first to fall is seemingly to blame and accordingly sin can be attributed to them, leaving them feeling rather unfit and incompetent (especially if they were the one originally anointed to “help”; whereas the other person’s sin goes unaccounted for, hidden under layers of lies.  (3) Only two individuals leave the garden with any authority: Satan had authority over the world; and Adam now had authority over Eve.

So perhaps it’s time to crack open the book of Genesis again. And this time, instead of thinking how “in love” Adam was with Eve, ask yourself these all important questions, “When Eve fell, why didn’t Adam just simply intercede for her? What did Adam gain by eating the fruit?”

These questions, I believe, are key to understanding what really went down in Eden.

For more info on why Adam ate the fruit instead of interceding for Eve go to: Adam & Eve – 2 Different Types of Sin

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  • I can’t agree more. I don’t think Adam loved Eve that much as we originally thought. First, where was he when the snake went to talk to Eve? He left her alone by herself. Second, he did not stop her from eating the fruit. Instead, he waited to see if she would die and when he saw she didn’t die, he wanted to eat it too. Third, he blamed her and God quickly without any hesitation. He loved himself above everyone else. That led me to believe that’s why more females are being saved than males. Although tremendous pain and difficulties are added to child birth for women, God sympathizes them so he saves their souls. But men are self centered. They lust after women and forsake God with the first given chance possible. Ultimately, God knows who’s sin was more severe!

  • I really like your comment about Adam not interceding for Eve. That is a big revelation to me. Some loving husband he was! And this was before sin even entered the world. No wonder the state of marriage is the way it is today- as well as the rate of domestic abuse! Eve’s daughters must become smarter so they don’t make the same mistakes she did.

  • Wow, these comments are totally off base, in Genesis 3, Adam never left EVE side he was right there, now i do agree that he should have said something why the serpent was talking to his wife, because he was there listening, but you have to keep in mind, they dont know what love is, they wasnt smart, thats the reason why there eyes were open after the ate from the tree and know they begin to gain knowledge, but eve ate, then after nothing happened to her, she turned and gave some to Adam, noticed i said turned, because he was there with her is what the word say, then they both now realize they were naked, but not before adam ate, now they are smart enough to hide for God. In the word God told Adam not to eat from this tree as a husband it was his job to tell eve and to protect her from the enemy talking to her, Also notice when God called out, he was calling adam, not eve, he wanted to talk to adam first because it was his responsibility to inform eve, then after adam told on eve, imagine a walking snake is what the serpent was, then God cursed him to crawl on his belly.

  • Just a couple thoughts…maybe off subject. First off…women need to b left alone. Eve didn’t cause the downfall. Clearly Satan started all the problems and I’m pretty sure he’s a HE. Lol. Secondly the bible clearly says through one MAN sin entered the earth. So it clearly stands to reason if Adam chose differently then things would not have gone down as they did. Perhaps God forgives Eve for him. Perhaps God destroys Eve and makes a new one. Lol. Perhaps Adam resists and both Satan and eve are destroyed. Who knows what God would’ve done? But it’s clear that because that one MAN screwed up….we are here now. Through one MAN sin entered the world. Thanks a lot Adam…u dick.

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