Why Didn’t Adam Intercede for Eve?

why did adam eat the apple?

Yes, Eve Was Tricked into Eating The Forbidden Fruit, But Have You Ever Wondered: Why Did Adam Eat?

I was sitting around one day, thinking about Adam and Eve (yes, this is the kind of thing I do) when the question struck me, “When Eve ate the fruit from the “Tree of Good and Evil” why didn’t Adam just jump in and intercede for her?”  Surely, that would have been the “loving” thing to do. Instead, Adam ate–why?

Of course, I had been taught through various churches and through Christian books I had read, that Adam ate the fruit after Eve because of his intense love for her.  It was sort of like Adam’s thinking went… “Well, if Eve’s going down this road of death then we’re both going down it together because I love her so much.” It was done out of a strange kind of love for her–a very strange kind of love. A sort of suicide pact.

But I don’t buy it.

After all, when genuine love is involved, the first thing we do when a loved one falls into a trap set by an enemy is to plead for forgiveness and mercy on behalf of the one we love–we want to help them to become restored. What we don’t usually do is join them in their sin (unless we’re a little mixed up ourselves.) And if we are deeply in love with someone, we might even substitute ourselves with the person who committed the sin, saying “Let me take the consequence instead!” (as Jesus did for humanity). Interceding for humankind, that certainly is what Jesus did. So when Adam didn’t step up for Eve, Jesus did. Jesus is the one who did not fail Eve. He is the one working for her complete restoration.

So perhaps it’s time to crack open the book of Genesis again. And this time, instead of thinking how “in love” Adam was with Eve, ask yourself these all important questions, “When Eve fell, why didn’t Adam just simply intercede for her? What did Adam gain by eating the fruit?”

These questions, I believe, are key to understanding what really went down in Eden.

For more info on why Adam ate the fruit instead of interceding for Eve go to: Adam & Eve – 2 Different Types of Sin

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