Why Are Women so Mysterious?

woman image of the holy spiritWhy are women so mysterious? That was the question posed to me by a male friend during coffee at Starbucks one day. Now take note that we were here at Starbucks together because we had quite a bit in common: we belonged to the same writers’ group, we both were working on non-fiction book projects, we both dreamed of seeing our books in Barnes and Noble bookstores one day, we both had daughters whom we got along with quite well, we both loved words and reading, and we both liked coffee. I was a bit stunned at his query. I thought, Am I being mysterious? I didn’t mean to be. In fact, I thought I was quite an open book. So I asked my friend what he meant by the question and was there something he wanted to know about me?

Well , my friend said no there wasn’t anything specific that he wanted to know about me. He was just wondering why women in general seemed to be so mysterious.

I’m not so sure women are mysterious. I mean, if we are mysterious maybe it ‘s because (as my friend said) we just seem mysterious. And maybe we seem mysterious because we seem unknowable to the opposite sex. But the truth is females aren’t unknowable. It just takes time to get to know us.  All this talk about women being mysterious makes me think of how the Holy Spirit is the same way. The Holy Spirit seems quite mysterious and unknowable. I mean, just think about how much time we spend learning about Jesus and the Father. Compare this to the time we spend learning about who the Spirit is (notice I said who and not what the Spirit can give us). I think getting to know the Holy Spirit is a lot like getting to know a woman. You can approach the Spirit with an attitude of selfishness (what you can get from the Spirit) or you can approach the Spirit as one in need of a friend.




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