My Dream for The Missing and Murdered

I had a startling dream a while back. In it I was driving across the boarder from Alberta to Saskatchewan. I was in a large van, sitting in the very back seat. I was delivering a parcel to an inner-city church in Saskatoon, SK. My husband was driving and the van was filled with my kids.

As we came into the city I noticed a body lying on the ground in an alley. Looking closely, I realized it was the body of a young native girl–she was dead. I cried out for a cell phone so I could call the police. Immediately my husband and kids asked what was wrong. “We have to call the police, there’s a girl dead”–at that point a truck came down the alley and drove over the girl’s body.

I screamed, “Call the police!”

My husband said, “Now? But I’m driving.”

Then I noticed another body laying on the sidewalk. It was another First Nation girl–again dead. And people were stepping over her body as they walked! No one was paying these girls any attention. My mind was spinning. What was going on?! Had the world gone insane? Couldn’t people see these poor, dead girls!

I told my husband to pull over and call the police. He pulled over and then argued with me about having to take the time to call the police–they’ll want our names and our numbers. It was such an inconvenience.

I was furious. I awoke from this dream furious. I told my husband about the dream (still furious). He simply responded with, “I represent all the people who don’t want to help the missing and murdered indigenous women.”

I have to admit, at the time of the dream–having just moved back to Canada from the USA–this dream was a wake up call for me. It was like the Holy Spirit was saying to me, “Welcome back Deidre. BTW this is what is going on here in Canada… Are you going to help?”

Well, I certainly want to help. And I am helping by praying, but I also want to help through ministry. I have a dream, after all. It’s for myself but it extends to my First Nation family. It’s a dream for complete healing, complete restoration, and for justice so that we can change not just our communities but our world. Check my ministry page here. I personally know God has big plans for Canada’s indigenous peoples… plans to prosper, heal and bring justice. When the world sees powerless; God sees powerful.

Now please watch the video below and let the Holy Spirit speak to you about Canada’s first peoples… How are you going to help?

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  • Wow. I don’t know what to do beyond awareness… I’m unable to respond to every heartbreaking injustice and horrors happening in the world and pleading for my attention and involvement. But as a Canadian, the issue of First Nations ongoing abuse and the cruel laziness of politicians who have the power to make changes that would affect every generation, is unforgivable. I do feel powerless, myself.


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