Even though it may seem like I’m a Bible teacher — I’m an evangelist at heart.  That said, I enjoy ministering to First Nation communities (in Canada) on reserve and off. I move (as they say) in the prophetic and healing gifts. So if you are looking for a preacher to speak life to your First Nation community — I’m your woman. Check out my Christian testimony here, fill out the form below with dates and details and get a hold of me. I look forward to hearing from you.  *There is no cost to the First Nation communities that book us as we cover our own travel expenses.

(A few) Ministry Topics:

  • Praying for the families/communities (for justice, healing, and hope) of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
  • Equipping and Encouraging First Nation Women in Ministry, and Identifying and Respectfully Dismantling Toxic Patriarchy in First Nation Churches
  • General Prophetic Prayer Assembly (for all ages including children)

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The Restoration of Eve

If you are looking for a speaker for your event (hopefully a prophetic Bible teacher who speaks about the restoration of Eve) then I’d love to hear from you too. Check out my speaking topics below and get to know My Mission.

My Mission – #WomantheOtherImageofGod

holy spirit mother, woman is the image of the holy spiritMy grandmother was a feminist and so I grew up with a respect for feminism. My role models were of very strong, opinionated First Nations women. My grandmother was a political whirlwind. She fought against a law that stated only First Nations men were “persons.” I remember at age 14 (around 1983-84), my grandmother took me with her to parliament (in Canada) to present her bill (called Bill C-31). As I was sitting there listening to my grandmother argue her case I thought, “God, what am I doing here? What are you showing me?”

I had always been more of a spiritual person rather than any sort of political or feminist-minded person and my belief in God was strong and so to me this moment was obviously one of those “God-moments.” I knew God was showing me something but (at that age) I had no idea what it was. I knew it had something to do with the strange struggle women had to go through in order to become “persons.” Think of it, women of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds have had to fight the system in order to prove we are actual persons. Bizarre, right?

I became a Christian in 1992 and I fell in love with Jesus and his message of restoration. One year after becoming a Christian my relationship with the Holy Spirit began. The Spirit was never a “force” or an invisible “power” to me. The Spirit was a person — and this person had given me “spiritual birth” that day when I dedicated my life to Jesus. Therefore, God was a Mother to me and my intimacy with the Spirit from that point flourished.

I joined a church around this same time (at the age of 25) and about four years into it, I realized the church had no deep relationship with the Spirit. I heard things like the Spirit doesn’t want to be known — the Spirit always highlights Jesus and never takes the spotlight. The Spirit is the divine incognito. The Spirit is invisible, hidden behind mystery, gentle and quiet. But this was in no way congruent with how my relationship with Spirit played out. It was also not biblical. Jesus expressly sent the Spirit to us to be our teacher and guide. How can the Spirit teach and guide us if the Spirit doesn’t want to be known? I also realized that women were being held back from being released into ministry. I thought how strange it was that the Church was just like the worldly system outside.

Eventually, the Holy Spirit began speaking to me about Her image bearers – women.  I now understand what I was being shown that day in parliament – the church’s neglect of the Holy Spirit and the marginalizing of women are interconnected. Our enemy hopes we will elevate and pursue only the male image of God (Jesus), forgetting the female image of God (Spirit) even exists. After all, if women become fully fledged “persons” – image bearers in their own right – then suddenly the revelation of the person of the Holy Spirit will be released.

Satan’s plan is to limit our knowledge and relationship with the Spirit in order to keep the church operating as a partial kingdom — but Jesus and the Spirit always work as a team in perfect unity; therefore, so should men and women. We are not equal but different — men and women are divine image bearers. We represent the Almighty God on earth. And like Jesus and the Spirit we are of one body.

The Spirit and Eve are so enigmatically interconnected that as the Church works to embrace the Eve they’ve rejected — somehow, in mysterious imitation — the Spirit manifests and grows more intimate with us. Ultimately, Eve and the Spirit are united in a mysterious, sacred revealing of person. And it is this ongoing unveiling of Spirit and woman that will bring restoration not only to Eve but to the Church as a whole.

Speaking Topics