Even though it may seem like I’m a Bible teacher–I’m an evangelist at heart.  That said, I minister primarily to First Nation communities (in Canada) on reserve and off. I move (as they say) in the prophetic and healing gifts. So if you are looking for a preacher to speak life to your First Nation community–I’m your woman. Check out my Christian testimony here… then fill out the form below with dates and details and get a hold of me (and my team). We look forward to hearing from you.

*There is no cost to the communities that book us as we cover our own travel expenses when serving the First Nation people.

(A few) Ministry Topics:

  • Praying for the families/communities (for justice, healing, and hope) of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
  • Equipping and Encouraging First Nation Women in Ministry, and Identifying and Respectfully Dismantling Toxic Patriarchy in First Nation Churches
  • Persevering through Adversity: Overcoming and Embracing our Past and Finding our True Self
  • General Prophetic Prayer Assembly (for all ages including children)

first nation ministry

If you are just regular folk, looking for a speaker (hopefully a Bible teacher) then I’d love to hear from you too. Check out my speaking topics below and get to know my Story & Mission here:

Speaking Topics