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So how does a conference like this work? Well, first I send out a request for speakers to speak on a specific theme, such as “The Femininity of the Holy Spirit” along with possible topics (to get speakers thinking and dreaming).  Then numerous wonderful people like Wm. Paul Young, Priscilla Pope-Levison, Baxter Kruger, Jennifer Dean-Hill, and Jack Levison respond with encouraging words such as “Hey, I’ve always wanted to do a conference like this!” Next, I find a place to hold the conference (Shilo Inn in Richland, WA). After that, the speakers “steep” on the theme; they pray; they dream; they get inspired..and all kinds of wonderful things happen. Then, after many months, the speakers contact me with their personal topics. And really, this is the exciting part because now we get to see how the Holy Spirit has been directing us as a whole.

Below are the topics (minus one, which is coming soon). You will notice an overall theme of Trinity and men/women relations. So, if you’ve ever wondered about the Trinity of God and how they can be three “persons” (and why this happens to be important)… or, if you’ve ever wondered why God brought forth Eve from the body of Adam; and why Adam and Eve were given “dominion” (to rule together) and yet, have thought: “Are men and women truly ruling together in unity? Or, is something still missing?” Then this conference is for you.

Registration: 8:30am   —  GO HERE FOR TICKETS

Conference start: 9:00am

Baxter Kruger: “Holy Spirit and the Father and Son”

Wm. Paul Young: “Genesis, Adam & Eve … and the Fall” 

Deidre Havrelock: “Noah, Dominion verses Domination” 


 Jack Levison: Coming Soon

 — LUNCH — 

 Priscilla Pope-Levison: “Women, Sanctification and Holy Boldness.” 

 Baxter Kruger: “The Holy Spirit and the Rebirth of All Things in Jesus” 

 — COFFEE  —

 Jennifer Dean-Hill: “God And Healthy Family Dynamics” 

 Wm. Paul Young: “Sticky Passages In the NT … Getting Unstuck” 



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