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The Mother Heart of God

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As you may know, I frequently showcase books that speak about the femininity of the Holy Spirit–or, really I’ll speak about any wonderful book about the Holy Spirit in general. Wm. Paul Young gave me a call a while ago, to (among other things) let me know about a book that is about to be released. When he told me the title of the book I was pleasantly shocked, not just because I’ve named this conference the “MotherHeart Conference,” but because I  have a partly finished manuscript sitting in a drawer, somewhere in my office, with the same exact title: The Mother Heart of God. So, am I upset that my title has been scooped up and published before I got the chance to finish my own manuscript? No, I am thrilled because for those of us who are studying, praying, and following this movement of the Spirit–it is so wonderful to know that the Spirit is saying so much of the same thing to many of us.

So why do we refer to this movement of the Holy Spirit as “Mother Heart”? I am sure there are many reasons, but for me it’s because the heart of the Holy Spirit is love.  The heart of the Spirit is profound, unquenchable, burning love. The kind of love that a mother has for a child — a child that is oftentimes in trouble: never giving up, always hoping, ready to comfort and encourage, ready to act and help…sometimes with tough love.  As the Bible says, “Overcome evil with good.”

With that being said, I am happy to say that Trudy Beyak’s book The Mother Heart of God will be released on April 23, 2013…just in time for the conference!  GO HERE FOR THE AMAZON PAGE AND TO ORDER ADVANCED COPIES.  Wm. Paul Young had this to say about the new book:

“When a brilliant interviewer and journalist wraps her quest and questions inside ‘story’ humanity is delivered a stunning and important gift! You are holding such a gift in your hands!”  – Paul Young.


Are we missing half the picture of God? For more than five millennia, scholars focused on the paternal or fatherly qualities of God’s loving kindness, but forgot or ignored the maternal aspects. What is it about this issue that triggers such controversy? As a committed Christian and an investigative journalist, Trudy Beyak spent five years on a journey with pen and notebook in hand researching the Scriptures and interviewing more than fifty leading biblical scholars and celebrities from North America to the Middle East. What is God really like? What sacred evidence does the Bible reveal?

Trudy Beyak invites the reader to join her on a global journey to discover a fresh spiritual view of God that is relevant and encouraging for everyone. By weaving elements of her personal story, interview highlights with over fifty Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish leaders, and biblical facts, Trudy invites the reader to experience the comfort and intensity of God’s infinite embrace: a love that shelters, protects and brings healing to every soul.


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