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Conference to be Held at Shilo Inn, Richland WA

Posted on by Deidre Havrelock

My dad came down for a visit this past summer and together we headed on over to where the MotherHeart Conference is going to take place: the Shilo Inn in Richland, Washington. It was the beginning of August when we took these pics and the temperature was 102 degrees (for Canadians that’s around +40!) This heat is normal for the Tricities area, but not to worry it’s somewhat cooler in May (when the conference is going to take place). Although, it shouldn’t be too cool since the staff at Shilo said the pool is usually up and running by the time May comes around. My dad can’t wait to soak in the pool and take a long walk along the river!

Join Wm. Paul Young, author of The Shack and Cross Roads as well as Jack Levison, Priscilla Pope-Levison, Jennifer Dean-Hill and Baxter Kruger…at the MotherHeart Conference May 4, 2013 to discuss the femininity of the Holy Spirit!

-deidre havrelock (conference coordinator, motherheartconference(at)gmail(dot)com)



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