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Meet Jennifer Dean-Hill

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Jennifer Dean-Hill is a licensed individual and family therapist. Jennifer will be speaking at our up-coming MotherHeart Conference in Richland Wa on May 4, 2013. She and her husband, Jake Dean-Hill, host One Kingdom: a couples workshop that approaches romantic relationships differently.


Warm hugs, comfort food, and yummy smells…these are the thoughts that flood my mind with the image of a mother.  So if God made mothers, and mothers are made in the image of God, where is the mother part when it comes to God?  Is there a part of Him that sounds, feels, and nurtures like a mother?  In the God-Head, if there is a father and a son, shouldn’t there be a mother?  After all, wherever there is a son, there is always a mother. Where is the mother part of God in the trinity?

Finally, why did the book The Shack become an international success when the image of God was portrayed as a woman?  Could we be hungry for the motherly and nurturing part of God?  Did the book allow Christians to ask the unspeakable question: “Where is our spiritual mother?” There are many who have set out on a quest to explore and answer these very questions, searching the scriptures thoroughly for the answers.  These questions and more will be explored by theologians, authors, and seekers alike at the MotherHeart Conference held in May of 2013.


Are we sure God is neither male nor female? Or, does Jesus rightly portray the male image of God…and the Holy Spirit portray the female image? Sadly, through the centuries, we’ve seen God’s mother heart removed from our conversations, thoughts, and worship as God is often portrayed as only a father, oftentimes distant and judgmental.  And even though God gives several motherly references to Himself when describing His deep love for us in the scriptures, we have denied and neglected to use the feminine in accurately representing the image of God.  Please join us as we discover a more complete image of God that comforts, feeds, and nurtures us as a loving mother would—while still complementing the fatherly part of God that we have all come to love and revere. It is time to unveil our spiritual mother.

by Jennifer Dean-Hill


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