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I’m Reading Cross Roads Today!

Posted on by Deidre Havrelock

I bought Wm. Paul Young’s new book Cross Roads for my Kindle a few weeks ago, and I decidedly took today off from my work (well, not the whole day) to just seriously enjoy a good book. According to my Kindle I am 12% into the book. I will try not to give too much away (I mean, I just started the book so how much can I give away?). I will say that a “near-death” experience takes place–which is interesting because just yesterday I was listening to an old tape my aunt recorded for me; it’s a recording of my uncle as he describes his own near-death experience. (Although, I don’t think my uncle would like the term “near-death” because according to him he was quite sure that he had actually died.) So it seems death experiences are on my agenda for this week.

I’m enjoying Paul’s new book so far; a lot of that pertains to the fact that it takes place on a beach much like that off the Oregon coast, which isn’t too far from where I live…so I can totally imagine the whole scenery. So far it feels a little like that T.V. show Lost (which I was a huge fan of).

When I’m done, I’m going to post my review on Amazon GO HERE TO POST YOUR OWN REVIEW…DON’T BE SHY!


“There are rare fiction writers that change landscapes and create “new normals” of imagination. Paul is one of those writers. A few years ago, I ran into Paul in Portland. He is disarmingly friendly. A friend to everyone he meets. He spends hours and hours after book readings just meeting people. Listening. Hugging. Sometimes crying. He is a rare and special gift. And he writes this way.”

“In Crossroads you realize you always have a chance. God is alwarys there waiting for you to ask him to help you find the way.”

“I enjoyed reading this very much. Out of the box perception of walking with God helps me to look honestly at my perceptions of God Most High.”



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