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Why I Like Fresh Air, Reason #4: The Spirit is More Than Spiritual Gifts

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Why I Like Fresh Air: The Holy Spirit for an Inspired Life: the Spirit is more than Spiritual Gifts


My husband once told me this story about how, when he was a Christian teen, speaking in tongues was all the rage. He would pray and pray and pray for the gift of tongues (speaking in another language by the gift of the Holy Spirit), but nothing would ever happen. No sounds would come to his mind, no words would spring from his lips. He felt totally unspiritual. Eventually, he came to terms with his spiritual mediocrity and accepted his spiritual blandness. However, he never doubted as to “if” the Holy Spirit was with him. He never doubted because he had the fruit of the Spirit in his life and a deep love for Christ. In the end, this was enough for him–even though it wasn’t enough for many Christians around him, who were looking for an outwardly tangible sign such as tongues.


Jack Levison’s book Fresh Air: The Holy Spirit for an Inspired Life reminds us that as Christians we sometimes get caught up on just one aspect of the Holy Spirit–depending on what denomination we belong to (or what friends we hang around), but it’s good to remind ourselves that the Spirit is more than just tongues; the Spirit is more than just power, more than just prophecy, more than just joy. So instead of seeking a gift in order to confirm the presence of the Spirit, sometimes it’s enough to say, “Thank you, Holy Spirit, for giving me the breath of life. ”

Like Jack explains in his book, sometimes we forget that the Holy Spirit:

-is still with us as we grow old (and slow down)

-is with us through mediocrity (the Spirit isn’t always ecstatic)

-drives us into highly uncomfortable places (not always places of joy)

-exists in self-control

-exists in study

Jack’s book isn’t meant to discourage the gifts of the Spirit (and it certainly doesn’t do that). Instead, his book is meant to open our understanding of the Spirit–to see more than what we might have noticed at first glance. I personally am thrilled that Jack and his wife Priscilla are coming to Richland WA in May–they know the Spirit!




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