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How to Start a Movement

Posted on by Deidre Havrelock

The video below reminds me of when Paul Young’s The Shack first came out. Of course, Paul probably didn’t think he was starting a movement; he was just doing his thing (which most likely seemed a little nuts to anyone watching), but I don’t think Paul Young cared…so he just kept on doing his thing. I can remember the year his book first came out because that’s when I started getting phone calls from friends saying, “Hey, this Paul guy has written a book where the Holy Spirit is portrayed as a woman–just like you’re always going on about!”  I knew at that moment (as those phone calls kept coming) that the movement for the femininity of the Spirit had begun. Paul opened a door for us (those who were already whispering about the femininity of the Spirit in the halls of our churches) to speak more freely, simply because we didn’t feel so alone.

So as we move into this conference on May 4, 2013 (GET YOUR TICKETS HERE), I’m taking a moment to say “Thank you, William Paul Young for getting out there and dancing to your own beat, without fear of being ridiculed.”

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