Saving Mary

I see a wave of Love coming.

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I remember bringing a family member with me to church once (this was a long time ago); I brought him because our pastor was doing that “invite people to church week, so they can learn about Jesus.” Well, I remember being delighted that this family member was so willing to join us at our church. However, just before church ended the pastor called for announcements; a young woman stood up and declared that “our fight against gay marriage was coming along great; the church would soon prevail against those sinners who dared to act against God.” (Most likely not the exact words used, but the speech was pretty harsh). I was stunned by the anger and ferocity this young woman had. This was fairly early on in my Christian walk and I remember thinking, “Am I expected to be angry about gay marriage? Is it us against them? I thought I was here to tell about the wonderful things Jesus had done and to do good works?” I glanced toward the family member I had invited and a shiver ran through me because he looked stunned too. After ward he came to me and told me that church was pretty great, all except for that angry mob mentality. I agreed. Angry mob mentality; this is part of the spirit of religion. What is the spirit of religion? Well, it’s all about control and fear.¬† Check out this enlightening article¬† “No More Cold, Hateful Religion” from Lee Grady, author of Ten Lies the Church Tells Women.

Judgement, we sometimes like to sling it, thinking it’ll take down Goliath. But really, judgment is more like a boomer-rang.





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