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Let The Talking Donkey Speak…

Posted on by Deidre Havrelock

“I think God is done talking through the prophets,” [says Paul Young]. “He’s now talking through the asses.”

I love that quote…nothing like a talking ass to set us straight. (I’m talking about the prophet Balaam’s donkey here.) And no, the idea isn’t that God is now choosing idiots to speak through; it’s more like God is speaking through the most unlikely people…errr…asses, so to speak. The quote is taken from Paul Young’s interview with Publishers Weekly regarding his new novel Cross Roads. (Go here to read the whole thing.) Astoundingly, there has been something like one million books printed in Cross Roads first print run…that’s a whole lot of books! Incidentally, I bought my mom the book for Christmas and she hasn’t gotten back to me yet on how much she enjoyed it. (A Lakota grandmother plays the part of the Holy Spirit…my mom is Cree, so I know she’ll love that part). Hurry up Mom! I want to borrow the book when you’re done.

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