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Baxter Kruger on Being Human…and Being Loved by God

Posted on by Deidre Havrelock

I’m a big fan of this video. Baxter’s view (Baxter is the author of The Shack Revisited) on how God loves us–personality and all!–really hits home with me. Baxter also speaks about how we sometimes misrepresent the sacrifice of Jesus by focusing on “separation” (humans are separated from God because of our sin) rather than focusing on “unity” (Jesus has already united humanity to God through his death and resurrection—God has embraced us in love). In other words, the fall of humanity did not set God’s agenda and suddenly God had to save us. There is a bigger picture that we should look at: God’s agenda from the beginning was to create us and adopt us as true children–this has always been God’s plan. We are predestined to be God’s family, and the good news is the adoption has already taken place!–do you want to walk in this new reality? Then spend some time seeking Jesus and discover who he is.  He is the source of life for every thing and every one. Enjoy!

Baxter Kruger will be speaking at the MotherHeart Conference in Richland WA, May 4th, 2013–don’t miss out!


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