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Why I Like The Shack – Reason #3: Meeting God in Your Shack is Not as Crazy as it Sounds!

Okay, I’m going to share a very interesting dream with you. I call it “My Shack Dream” and it took place about eight weeks ago.  Now I realize this is just a dream. I mean, it’s not like I got a letter in the mail stating that Papa wanted to meet me. But still, I gotta tell you…this dream sure seemed real. This dream also makes me think that The Shack experience isn’t as crazy as it seems. Maybe God really does want to meet with us in our metaphorical shacks.

In my dream I was standing in my dinning room and Jesus was with me. He had his hands in his pockets (he was wearing jeans), and he was (as my daughter said to me) “just chillin’ “. Jesus seemed rather ordinary to me, except I could feel his presence all around me–the unmistakable presence of God, calming, caring, and really awesome! I looked at Jesus and said to him, “I finally figured out  your riddle.” He then smiled and said, “Good. Tell me about it.”

So what was the riddle (you may be wondering)? Well, before I had “My Shack Dream” my hubby and I had been praying about whether or not we should move our family back to Canada (it’s not that we don’t like it here, but we really miss Canada as well as our extended family and so we want to go home). So every night we were  praying about this…and every night I would dream that I was trying to get back together with an old ex-boyfriend of mine. In this dream I was actually trying to ditch my hubby in order to get back together with this guy from my past. I would wake up confused. So, being confused about this strange dream and the lack of guidance we were seemingly getting regarding moving back to Canada, I asked my girlfriend, Courtney, to pray about this.

That day, my little family and I jumped in our car and headed over to Seattle for soccer (two of our daughters had games scheduled there). When we got back home  the next night, my girlfriend Courtney sent me an email. She had been given a dream.So here it is…(I didn’t tell my friend, Courtney, that my hubby and I were going to Seattle…and that all through our trip in Seattle all we talked about was whether or not we should move.)

Holy cow, ask and you shall receive.  I went to bed last night and asked, God/Jesus/Holy Spirit to send me a sign, you a sign and others signs whether or not you should stay in the states. Well what a scary night…my first dream…

 Bob and the girls and I are on a bridge, and in the dream it was a Seattle bridge, I just knew we were in Seattle…constructed of all brick, and each section of the bridge looked exactly the same as the first.  Bob and I were standing around with the girls. McKenna decided to go off exploring and went off on her bike. Emma went off with someone she knew to tour around with. Bob and I were cuddling, which is bizarre, standing against a part of the bridge and the bridge shuddered.  I stood up straight and said to Bob, ‘did you feel that’. With that all of a sudden, I could see in the distance the first part of the bridge collapse..then the second…and McKenna has gone toward the 3rd and I am trying to collect the kids before it’s too late, but all of the bridge goes down, including me…I made myself wake up after this, which is also odd, for I am usually unable to do this.  I say to Bob, ‘ I just had a terrible dream.’

Now it gets weird…I go back to sleep and you and I, and some other darker skinned lady that I don’t know, sit down in a booth together and I start to tell you my dream, but more importantly the message that I think is in this dream…that you are like McKenna and it’s time to walk away.  That I am not relaying this message to you because I have an agenda, but because it is your time. And you nod at me, with a confused look on your face, but you say you understand.  So I hope you understand this cryptic message, cause I did in my dream when I was explaining it to you.  It made perfect sense then.  If I remember any other details I will relay them, but I just woke up from the second dream and that was the only message I can remember.  

Well, being a girl who is in love with Canada, I figured the dream meant “walk away from the US–go back to Canada!” I was like, “Yeah, that sounds good to me!”  But that night when I was praying, suddenly that stupid dream of me trying to get back together with my ex-boyfriend came to mind, and so I said, “Holy Spirit, does this dream have anything to do with my wanting to move?”

That night I dreamed again that I was trying to get back together with an old ex-boyfriend. This time I woke up and said, “Holy Spirit, this is an important dream.” When I went back to sleep I then had “My Shack Dream.”

RIDDLE: What does an ex-boyfriend and moving back to Canada have in common? Answer: It’s all in the past.

So, in my Shack Dream I told Jesus that I was in love with the past. And I desperately wanted to go back to what I had known, what I felt comfortable with, and where I felt at home. Everything here, in the USA, was just too new. I also told Jesus that I was like one of the Israelites in the desert, wanting to head home, rather than continue onward. I told Jesus that my husband represented the new things that God was doing–and this was why he was always with me in the dream (even though I was trying to ditch him). This is when Jesus said to me, “Everyone is in love with the old…but I am trying to do something new.” I remember being surprised by the word he used, “trying.” After all, wouldn’t Jesus just “do” something new, but the “trying” comes into play simply because of our willingness to take part in the new…or would I (and my husband) continue to look back?

Jesus said to him, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.”

(The Holy Bible: New Revised Standard Version. 1989 (Lk 9:62). Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers.)

So that’s my Shack Dream. And as I head into this conference, I feel even more excited about the wonderful new path God has set my family on. Isn’t it wonderful how Jesus didn’t condemn me for looking back? Instead he simply refocused me and pulled from my heart a little weed that had begun to sprout. This is the type of relationship that The Shack tells us is possible. I now understand what Paul Young means when he says his book is a work of fiction, but in reality it is a true story.


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