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Five Reasons Why I Like The Shack Revisited

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Our God is a Trinity.


Okay,  I know that sounds like a simplistic reason to like a Christian book. After all, don’t all Christian books speak about “the Trinity” of God? Well, all I can tell you is most books don’t speak about the three-person nature of God quite like The Shack or The Shack Revisited. Baxter Kruger takes the story of Paul Young’s The Shack and slows it down for a moment. He dissects it, so to speak, only not so much in a scientific way. He dissects it more like a modern ambrosia salad. I like ambrosia salad. I like eating it slowly. I like taking a bite and finding, amongst all that dreamy whipped cream (or Greek yogurt), a cherry, or a piece of fresh pineapple, or a mandarin orange, or a kiwi covered in coconut. I like exploring the flavors of a good ambrosia salad. And that’s what The Shack Revisited is like.

So, if you understand that God is a trinity, made up of three distinct persons (of whom we are made in the image and likeness of), but you’d like to savor that teaching and really get to know what that means for us as Christians, then go pick up this book at your local bookstore; sit back and enjoy.

What I Like About The Shack Revisited: God is a Trinity–Three Distinct Persons in Eternal Relationship and Unity

If you’re like me, you may have heard through church sermons (or other means) that God created humankind for Himself, because He wanted to love us, or because He wanted a family…as though He was lonely. I always wondered about this line of thinking. After all, if God needed us then our purpose is to fulfill God. And if God needs us to fulfill Him, then God isn’t perfect; He is lacking.

Or, you may have heard that God is like water. He can manifest into three distinct forms: liquid, solid, vapor. I always liked that analogy, but it did little to help me get to know these three distinct persons. I pictured one person manifesting into three things.

The Shack and The Shack Revisited restores what it means to be Trinity. A trinity is a unit of three persons, persons committed to being together, an interconnected unity. Humankind wasn’t created so God could have a family–a family already existed, they already loved, they already cared for and nurtured each other. The Trinity was already in relationship long before we were ever created. We are an extension of a perfect relationship, a furthering of divine love. And that’s what I like about The Shack Revisited. Baxter Kruger reminds us that God has relationship and unity built right into Himself/Herself.

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