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Meet Priscilla Pope-Levison

Posted on by Deidre Havrelock

alt text Priscilla Pope-Levison (what an awesome name!) is the author of Turn the Pulpit Loose (what an awesome title!). She will be joining us at the MotherHeart Conference 2013. Priscilla’s background is extensive (check her bio here). Research areas include: American women’s religious history, contextual theology, mission and evangelism. Priscilla’s full of information regarding women and evangelism–I read her book over the summer and was completely drawn into the lives of the many women preachers that she highlighted: 18 women evangelists such as Phoebe Palmer, Evangeline Booth and Kathryn Kuhlman. The research in the book is extensive but not overwhelming, and the stories read just as that, stories of amazing (yet fallible) women who were so obviously called to preach the gospel.

I met Priscilla back in August. We had a long dinner together at a wonderful French restaurant. She’s one of those people that instantly draw you in–friendly and welcoming.  Yes, she’s a professor of  theology…jam-packed full of great information, but she’s also wonderfully real. She’s in love with Jesus and intent on following the Spirit. I think she’s a great treasure; I can’t wait to hear from her on the topic of “the femininity of the Holy Spirit.”

If you’re a woman who has been called to preach, then you should definitely read this book. It will encourage and inspire you…but it will also show you the real world of women preachers–their problems, dreams, and failures.

Turn the Pulpit Loose: Two Centuries of American Women Evangelists…check it here on Amazon!

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