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Meet Jack Levison

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My husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Jack Levison and Priscilla  Pope-Levison during this past summer. We met in the city of Yakima (where their son was playing baseball). We met to (of course) discuss this upcoming conference; but more than that, we met just to spend some time together and get to know each other. It was a gorgeous day (I think all days in this area of Washington are gorgeous), and we sat outside in the sun at a local French restaurant…yes, I said French (who woulda thought that there would be French cuisine in Yakima!). I think we must have yapped over dinner for at least three hours, and thank goodness–for the French–this is no problem. My first impression of Jack was to note his contagious energy. (I’ll introduce you to Priscilla in a separate post). Jack’s the type of guy you want at a dinner party–he’ll get things started. The truth is, Jack is anything but boring. In fact, if you let his book be your guide, you’ll find him personable and real, and immersed–not in Pneumatology (doctrine of the Holy Spirit)–but rather immersed in the love of the Holy Spirit. And this is really what I value about Jack. After all, even though we will be discussing “the femininity of the Holy Spirit (as laid out in the Bible)” at this upcoming conference, the conference  is actually about encouraging each other to seek out the Spirit, during our daily Christian walk. So don’t wait for the conference, start seeking out the Holy Spirit today!

But don’t let Jack’s funny and energetic nature confuse you–he’s a pistol. As DJ and I drove Jack and Priscilla back to their hotel, I blurted out, “Hebrews 11:1…what does that mean?”

And Jack said, “‘Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.’ …why? Is this a test?”

I said, “No, look…it’s the name of that coffee shop over there…’He-brews 1:11!'”

Well, after that little scene I did have to throw a few verses Jack’s way and yes, he could recite them to me. Actually, I think Jack would make a great contestant on The American Bible Challenge–Hey, how about it Jack?! My money’s on you!




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