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Top Five Reasons Why I Like Fresh Air: The Holy Spirit for an Inspired Life

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Jack Levison is the author of this wonderful book and he’s a speaker at our up-coming MotherHeart Conference. (Go to his Bio here!) I really wanted to say that one of the reasons I like this book is because of the cover, but then I second guessed that, thinking it was too simplistic a reason…but it’s not.

I mean, just look at the cover: the newness of green, the image of air carrying a bubble, light radiating in from the background. It all makes me feel like this book really might contain some “fresh air.”  And isn’t this just what Christianity needs–a little fresh air to invigorate us? After all, some of us are feeling a little stifled–a little short of breath, a little like we’ve been kept inside, breathing recycled air for far too long.

I don’t know about you, but I like studying the Bible. Sometimes, however, I need a little help from a friend so I can see those things that I might have missed during a first or second or even fourth reading…I need someone to open a window for me. So when an easy-going teacher like Jack Levison comes along, I’m thrilled. Jack is one of those people who loves to show you something you may have missed. He shows you something fresh, a teaching that is meant–not to validate what you already know–but to inform you of what you may have missed and he does this in order to rejuvenate your Christian walk. Therefore, let the cover of this wonderful book inspire you to feel the excitement-something fresh and new is coming!

I like your book, Jack!






-Deidre Havrelock

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