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A Conference About the Femininity of the Holy Spirit…Really?

Posted on by Deidre Havrelock

I began dreaming about this conference in the summer of 2011. I didn’t know what it would look like or who would attend. All I knew was it was time to get the party started, so to speak. Besides, I had just complained to my dad (through Skype) about not having anyone near me who thought along the same lines that I did (I mean besides my husband and a few friends who live far, far away), so my dad did what comes naturally to him–he offered good advice. He said, “Deidre, just find those people who are like-minded and bring them together.” So that’s what I did. I sent out a handful of emails to different scholars and writers inviting them to a conference about the femininity of the Holy Spirit…and I got quite a  response.

The wonderful thing was, I wasn’t alone in this. In fact, though many see this topic as controversial and inconsequential many other Christians see it as revelational and vital. Either way you view this topic, one thing is sure…speaking about the person of the Holy Spirit is long over due and always exciting.

Deidre Havrelock

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One Response to A Conference About the Femininity of the Holy Spirit…Really?

  1. Courtney says:

    I am waiting with great anticipation for the conference of the year! People’s minds will be blown away at the overwhelming evidence that the ‘Holy Spirit’ is in fact, a feminine being. Can’t wait for the discussions to follow.

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